$33.50 Per Hr

Please click Here for estimated prices for these projects:

Unclog drain
Unclog sewer main
Repair burst pipe
Repair leaky faucet
Repair leaking toilet
overhaul toilet
Replace water heater
New shower valve
Replace light fixture
Replace light switch/elec. Outlet
Install new light circuit w/switch where no circuit exists now
install dimmer/motion sensor/other switch
repair door bell
install ceiling fan with no support
install ceiling fan with existing support
Furnace/Air conditioning

Furnace repair
Swamp cooler repair
Central air repair
Install thermostat
replace filter and clean
Door Window

Repair broken window
Get door/window to open and close properly
Replace door
Install new door w/hardware where the is no door now
Replace existing window with new window
Install new window where there currently is no window
Seal door/window from cold
Replace bi fold doors
Install blinds/curtains
install peep hole
open stuck window
new door hardware (knob, lock, hinges)
install heavy duty screen door
install light duty screen door
make screen
Paint 1 room and trim one color walls, one color trim

Pick up and delivery

Load, haul, and dump waste


start up or winterize sprinkler system
mow and edge lawn
Trim tree up to 25′
Trim bush
Rake leaves
yard clean up
remove bush/weed trees
stain deck
Roof and gutter

Clean gutters
Patch leaking roof
Tuck point chimney/other
Install pigeon spikes
insulate attic
install new gutter

Patch hole in wall
Patch hole in wall with texture
mold removal
Hang picture etc
Repair appliance
Replace dryer/washer/stove
Replace dishwasher
Repair garbage disposal
Replace garbage disposal
install stove vent hool
repair washer
repair dryer

Reroute gas line


Clean carpet
Repair hardwood floor
Reattach carpet
Install carpet 1 bedroom

Repair moulding
Replace moulding, 1 room

Replace tub caulk
Install bath fan where there is no existing fan
tile repair
tile replacement (tub surround)
vanity replacement
toilet rebuild

Replace fence post
Repair gate

Replace faucet
install vent hood
tile repair
tile replacement (backsplash)
garage door
install new opener

install pre-made shelves
mice removal

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